Welcome to Brandmint!

Please read through the following to get a better understanding of Social Media Marketing guidelines and requirements:

**CREATIVE AD CAMPAIGN VS. POST CAMPAIGN: http://brandmint.co/creative-ad-vs-post/**



  • Use a png logo in the bottom right corner (should be no more than 4% of the total post size or one grid block) DO NOT USE A JPEG, I WILL FIRE YOU. Kidding, but seriously don't. DPI vs. PPI
    • ...Don't have a png but want to keep your job? Here's what to do:
    1. Contact the client for a png or vector file so that you can export as a png 
    2. Pull the png from the company's website found in their header. Use Google Chrome to inspect the site and take the file that way if you can not click and drag the image on to your desktop easily
    3. Try Googling the company name and png
    4. Reverse image search the jpeg you do have, see if a png appears
    5. No time? Bring your jpeg to photoshop. Use the wand tool to select and mask out the background. Use this temporarily until you get a real png
    6. Panic, OR you could just ask your supervisor


  • Set up grid in Photoshop by going to Preferences>Guides, Grids and Slices. Under Gridline Every put 20 and Percent click O.K.
  • Copy can be no more than 20% of the image for Facebook posts. That is five grid squares. Copy found in the logo and background will count towards this
  • Check your post to make sure it will run: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
    • Tips to keep copy under 20%
    1. Put everything you want to say in the copy above the post. The copy inside the post will be a simplified version of this
    2. Reduce text size
    3. Remove the fluff, a good post is informative and not full of fruitless adjectives you can't back up


  • Images may be used from a Brandmint photoshoot found in the client folder in the Google Drive in which Brandmint has ownership of the files
  • Clients may send images they own for posts in their monthly requests
  • When looking for a stock image to use that was not taken by us or the clients it must be Public Domain for commercial use or CCO, and allow alternations without the need for attribution. Please check the rights of an image before use. Learn what attribution terms and symbols mean: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ 
    • Finding an image:
    1. Google Images: Change to Labeled for Reuse under Tools. Once you select an image you must find it on the original site. Some images show up that are not truly free to use without an attribution. For example, Flickr will often show up on the search results but will have some rights reserved. You must abide by the terms of the photo.
    2. Stock photo sites: