Strategic Marketing Solutions

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Why Brandmint?


consistent content

Craft engaging media content.

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conversion analytics

Turn fans and followers to sales and leads.

ranking strategy

Improve your SEO on search platforms.



Enhance user experience and lower bounce rate.

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team for implementation

Strategically interact on social media with your target market.




Immersive understanding tailored to your business.

Website Design & Development

Our website strategy is complete with a UX/UI designed website. Our website developers work closely with you, while giving you confidence in us to create a website that conveys your message in an effective way. When you become a client of ours, we conduct a thorough onboard, which consists of detailed questions so we can learn about your business, identify the important aspects, and, most importantly, pinpoint your end goal. We include numerous call-to-action buttons so that your user can easily perform a desired action. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brandmint has had much success with client SEO. While your competitors are focusing on short-tail keywords that are difficult and costly to rank for, we focus on long-tail SEO keywords with traffic. In doing so, we are able to grow visibility in organic search engine results. This increases awareness of your business in search engines, which helps drive more traffic to your website. We research and recommend the keywords that will benefit your business and then use these keywords to create relevant content that gets posted to your website.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)


With the ever-growing popularity of social media in today’s society, Social Media Marketing has become our best seller and our most recognizable work. Our Social Media Marketing strategy is unique in that we get organic AND paid marketing results.  We are able to be a leader in the Social Media Marketing field because we have a direct line of communication with Facebook. The ads we create are custom made and specific to your business. We keep brand consistency while providing unique paid ads. Lastly, we find zero in on your target social media audience and deliver your ad to them.

Social Media Marketing - Image Examples

Social Media Marketing - Video Examples

Pixel Marketing

Understanding consumer behavior, delivering a cold message, getting the user to take a desired call to action and redelivering messaging based on the behavior.


Brandmint installs a pixel tracking code that allows us to track users who have visited your site. We know the behavior of the user and are able to retarget and re-engage the user with a new marketing message.


Again, installing a pixel tracking code that allows us to track users who have visited your site but not performed a specific call-to-action. We are able to retarget them with an ad to convert them. We can also reach out to a cold audiece and create conversion windows.

Billboard Design & Buy


Video Production

Logo Development

Assets & Collateral

Website Design

Results Driven


Rochester Eye Associates were looking to book more LASIK procedures and build awareness that they provide the procedure.

New Wave Energy Corp had an inconsistent brand message with an outdated website layout and interface. Optimizing their website had an immense impact on their success.