Brandmint Internships

So you wanna intern?

Since 2016, the Brandmint Internship Program has been dedicated to those who value real world experience over textbooks, who aren't afraid to break tradition (this is not your parent's desk job), want to be treated like actual employees that do more than make coffee and run errands, who were basically born for this job (Talk'n to you Gen-Zers!), wants to make an impact in their community, and above all else have a passion worth pursuing. All positions are available for college credit and are unpaid.

 Brandmint is a digital marketing agency in downtown Rochester, NY that specializes in social media marketing such as Facebook and Instagram for business.

Business INTERNs

Learn marketing strategies, and account data entry.

 Brandmint is looking for Creative Interns who understand graphic design and live in the Rochester, NY area.

Creative Interns

Design content for social media posts, digital advertisements, and websites. 

 Brandmint is an digital advertising agency located in Rochester NY.

Digital marketing interns

Research, implement, and, analyze social media, digital ads and SEO strategies. 

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