WE ARE YOUR Digital Marketing Agency in cleveland, oh!

You made it! We want a chance to explain the services we can offer you: Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Retargeting, and Conversion for our customers in Cleveland, OH.

We are your Digital Marketing experts! Cleveland, OH: Are you ready for us? Let us transform your business as we have for our current clients. The results that come from Digital Marketing projects that are affiliated with Brandmint speak for themselves. We ran a Creative Ad Campaign on Facebook & Instagram and provided SEO services to improve search rankings for Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics. Their business has been booming ever since. They even had to hire someone to cover the phones because so many people were calling to inquire about their classes!

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Website Design & Development

Our current web development strategy focuses on a UX/UI design while making sure it is responsive to mobile, desktop, and tablet. We will learn about your business and your future goals through an on-boarding session and custom created work orders. Once we have an understanding of your end goal, we create your website to help communicate this to your users using desired call-to-actions.

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Social Media Marketing has become our most popular service that we offer. Not only do we create and post uniquely designed ads, but we campaign them as well. After getting to know more about your business and your demographic, we are able to strategically target users who will interact with your content and in turn, your business. Being that we are Facebook partners, we are able to easily communicate with them to continue to learn more effective ways to reach your target audience. All of our Social Media Marketing ads for our customers are unique and convey effective brand consistency. Lastly, after we identify your target audience, we include a call-to-action in every ad that is delivered. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Brandmint puts an emphasis on long tailed SEO keywords. What separates us from our competitors is that while we are focusing on these researched long tailed keywords, they are only thinking about short tailed keywords which are nearly impossible to rank for. We write keyword rich content that will increase your search engine rankings.

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Brandmint is able to take your Digital Marketing strategy to the next level by placing a tiny pixel that is able to track every one of your website visitors. When a unique user visits your website, we retarget them with a custom created ad which includes a call-to-action to bring this user back to your site to complete a specific task. This is always a Phase II plan as it is uncommon the customer’s website UX/UI is ready for this type of campaign.


In extending our services to the Cleveland, OH area, we hope to be able to help grow your business, so give us a call! 

Let us transform your Digital Marketing Strategy! (Website Development, SEO, Social Media, Retargeting, and Conversion).