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WE ARE YOUR Digital Marketing Agency in charlotte, nc!

You've made it this far...great! If you didn't already know, we specialize in Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Retargeting, and Conversion for our customers in Charlotte, OH. 

At Brandmint, we are experts in the field of Digital Marketing. We know that our marketing efforts can make a significantly positive impant on businesses in Charlotte, NC. We can convert Charlotte businesses just as we have done for our present clients who we continue to grow with. See what our Digital Marketing efforts have one for our clients! After running a successful Facebook & Instagram Video Ad Campaign for trü on Park, a salon located in Rochester, NY, they saw a significant increase in new clients and even new, quality staff! 

Our custom tailored online presence has grown our business by not only driving in desirable clients but attracting quality staff! We couldn’t be happier with Brandmint!
— Rachel McCooey, trü on Park
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Website Design & Development

Our Website Design & Development team will work closely with you to design a website complete with a UX/UI design. Our unique on-boarding process consists of a series of questions from our account manager that will help identify your needs, the goals of your website and, most importantly, your business. Our team will include numerous call-to-actions within your website so that the user can quickly and easily perform a specific desired action. All of our websites provide a consistent message and are responsive across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

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Social Media Marketing has become our biggest seller and our most recognizable work with today's shift to everything digital. We have a unique Social Media Marketing strategy in that we post and campaign each unique post. Through campaigning, we are able to target your desired audience that will interact with the material we have created. Agencies who are not campaigning your ads means your ad can be delivered to people who are highly unlikely to interact with it or perform a wanted action. Don't pay money to have your ads delivered to the wrong people! On top of our campaigning efforts, we are an official partner of Facebook, which means we have a direct line of communication with Facebook. They are able to help us identify what type of people your business would benefit from showing the ad to. All of our ads are custom created by our Creative Team based on your needs and/or wants, all while remaining consistent with your brand guidelines.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Brandmint has had the pleasure of growing with numerous businesses in Charlotte, NC through providing our SEO services. Your competitors are focusing on short tailed keywords, which are close to impossible to rank for, while we focus on long tailed SEO keywords. By doing so, we are able to increase your rankings in search engines, which increases awareness of your business and aids in driving more traffic to your website. We research and recommend the keywords that will benefit your business and then use these keywords to create relevant content which gets posted to your website.

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Let us elevate your Digital Marketing strategy through Retargeting and Conversion. How can we do this, you ask? We insert a pixel on your website which keeps track of the users who have visited your website, but have not performed a specified call-to-action. We are then able to retarget any and all of these tracked users with an ad that will have a call-to-action leading them back to your website. This is always a second phase plan because it is rare the customer’s website UX/UI is ready for this type of campaign. 


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We have had the honor of working with some amazing businesses in Charlotte, NC and aid in their Digital Marketing presence.

Let’s dive a little deeper on your Digital Marketing Strategy! (Website Development, SEO, Social Media, Retargeting, and Conversion).