YOUR Digital Marketing Agency in Buffalo, NY!

It’s obvious we have a great digital marketing strategy- because you made it here. And yes, we put a passionate focus on Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Retargeting, and Conversion for our customers in Buffalo, NY.

Here at Brandmint we pride ourselves in being experts on Digital Marketing. We’ve been involved with some of the largest projects Buffalo has ever seen. A co-branded project with the Buffalo Sabres and New Wave Energy is our most notable!

Another awesome project we just completed for the Buffalo Fan Fest and the Buffalo-based Bills Mafia was the Buffalo Fan Fest Event Website where fans can sign up for meet and greets with retired Buffalo Bills players.

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Website Design & Development

Our current web development strategy takes UX and UI into great consideration. It is important to identify the goal of an organization’s website. This goal should be easily communicated and navigable, allowing the user to connect with your organization’s desirable call to action. We identify this information through our unique approach to on-boarding a web development customer with our customer work orders. The questions in this approach will allow us to make sure we are properly communicating our customer’s goals and desired actions to their users.

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Social Media Marketing has become our best seller and our most recognizable work. We take a one of a kind social marketing approach. While traditional agencies are posting on your behalf to stay relevant, Brandmint is posting AND campaigning. We know our approach is unique because we have an open line of communication with Facebook which confirms our unique approach to the market. We do not do any template posting. All of our Social Media Marketing ads for our customers are unique and personalized. Lastly, we identify your target social media marketing audience and reach these customers to provide brand exposure and call to action driven marketing. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Brandmint’s focus for local SEO has really helped us show true value to our customers and grow with them. We take a unique approach and focus on long-tailed SEO keywords that your competitors are not focusing on. We make sure the keywords identified have unique monthly searches and attack them. This is a great focus because the short-tailed SEO keywords have extremely high competition and in some cases nearly impossible to rank high in the long term. Focusing on long-tail SEO keywords has allowed us to be cost effective for our customer’s budget.

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We can take your Digital Marketing strategy to the next level by pixel tracking your users who do not take your desired call to action on your website and redeliver the message to try and convert them. This is always a Phase II plan as it is rare the customer’s website UX/UI is ready for this type of campaign. 


As you can see, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most reputable companies and organizations in Buffalo, NY on their Digital Marketing presence.

Let’s dive a little deeper on your Digital Marketing Strategy! (Website Development, SEO, Social Media, Retargeting, and Conversion).