Welcome to Target Practice: Facebook Style

Welcome to Target Practice: Facebook Style

Finding new customers can be as hard as shooting in the dark. You have a great product/service that people love but it’s hard getting the word out—and you don’t want to hire an ad agency in Rochester, NY without a guaranteed increase in revenue. With Facebook Audiences, YOU can take the shots and target people accurately while taking advantage of the most cost efficient option out there.   

5 Ways to Tell if Your Website has Brand Consistency


At Brandmint we provide web design in Rochester, NY to help your online presence flourish. Building your brand is a fundamental component when it comes to building your business. Your brand should be based on authenticity and should reflect who you are and what makes you compelling to your target audience. Further, your brand should create a story that connects your clients to the products and services you provide and ultimately your web design should complement and feature your brand with a narrative throughout your website that engages visitors. Our web design in Rochester, NY is sure to give your website a cohesive, quality look that will give your visitors a lasting impression.

You may know that you should mesh colors, fonts, words, and layouts within your website and avoid a noisy, cluttered and overdone website, but how? Here are 5 tips to ensure that you create brand consistency within your web design.


Every color evokes emotion. It’s essential that the colors you choose for your web design are those that will positively affect the visitors' experience. According to color theory, people generally decide whether or not like they like a product within 90 seconds or less and up to 90% of that decision is based solely on color. You can see how crucial picking our your websites color scheme is! A good first step is to determine the primary and secondary colors you plan to use within your website and then to integrate them. You can then use accent shades, based on those primary and secondary colors, for areas on your site such as navigation and links. It’s important that you keep your color scheme sharp and clean and avoid a distracting and unfocused impression.


You’ve worked hard to establish your brand and create a logo that is a mixture of professionalism and personality which accurately represents you are as a business, but now you need to place it within your site in an optimal way. It’s more likely for your website visitor to remember your logo if it’s placed in the top left corner of your site, as most commonly people read left to right. Although it can be beneficial to place your logo in the center, or maybe in the top right corner remember that visibility outweighs originality.


It’s natural to want to feel like you need to fill in the blank, whitespace that seems to take up a lot of your website. In fact, though, whitespace can boost attention and comprehension of visitors to your site. Our eyes are prone to overstimulation and by harnessing the power of whitespace you are allowing your users' eyes to breathe. Oversaturating your site with words and graphics can make your site too busy and as a result, will deter visitors from remaining or returning to your site. Increasing white space will increase legibility and by balancing white with visuals on the website you give off an organized and polished feel!


No one wants to land on your website and get the impression that your site is simply a place for them to be marketed to. You want your site to be an experience for the visitor and therefore personal details are a must. Consider adding a mission statement to your site, tell the user what you’re about and how you can enhance their life through your products and services. Make sure your mission statement is concise and specific, help them feel your authenticity and promise to deliver. Beyond the mission statement, add a testimonials section to your site for a personal touch. Customers love and trust word-of-mouth marketing and hearing peer reviews. It’s much more relatable to hear how a customer loved the product versus hearing it from the company who designed and sells the product. Always remember to get client’s permission before sharing though.


First things first, your website needs uniformity when it comes to fonts. Too much variety is no good and is impractical for visitors. You can provide a visually pleasing site by choosing 2 fonts that compliment each other that can be used throughout the entire website. Remember, avoid quirky fonts that are too out there. If you can’t read the fonts, neither can your visitor and that’s a guaranteed way to get them off your site.

In short, consistency and clarity are key. At Brandmint we specialize in web design in Rochester, NY and are happy to provide you with the website of your dreams that will optimize your business. We provide web design in Rochester, NY that balances your website in all aspects - from major elements to the minor details.

Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Management

Commonly, Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management are treated as the same deliverable but in fact, are not closely related. Simply put, Social Media Marketing is the paid aspect while Social Media Management is the organic version of Social Media. While they both can attain the same goal, the deliverables are not related.

UI/UX 101: The Need to Know Basics

Do you think your website is functional and appealing to your customers? Chances are, it is either lacking the functional aspect or the appeal aspect, or possibly both! Today, in order for company websites to be successful, they must create a good experience for the user by being both easy to use and satisfying to the eye. These two aspects are part of UI/UX, User Interface and User Experience, that we use for Web Design. UI/UX can be difficult to understand, but that’s why we’re here! First, let us briefly explain what User Interface and User Experience are:

UI Design (user interface)

When you think of User Interface, think of graphic design. UI is responsible for using strong visual assets to guide the user through the website. Graphic/visual presentation is important for initially hooking your customers, making them want to interact with the rest of your site and potentially investing in your company/product. 

UX Design (User Experience)

User Experience design is a process in web design in which the goal is to make sure the customer has greater satisfaction and contentment interacting with the product. This is done by making the interaction between the customer and the product easy and full of clear quality. In order to ensure the user is having the best experience possible while interacting with a company’s web design, we are continually investigating, prototyping, testing, and analyzing your website. 

how ui/ux work together

UI and UX are crucial to one another. Your website might look great, but could be difficult to navigate, indicating strong UI and weak UX. On the other hand, your website looks awful but is easy to use, indicating strong UX and weak UI. It is crucial that your website is strong in both User Interface and User Experience or you will not get the results that your company needs and desires. Luckily, Brandmint can build or rebuild your website to incorporate UI/UX and ensure growing results. Does your website have powerful UI/UX? If it doesn’t follow the above, you may need to make some changes. Let the most reliable web design team in Rochester, NY build or rebuild your website and make sure you have the most modern UI/UX Design.

benefits associated with UI/UX Design:

  • Drives more traffic to your site so it is crucial to Search Engine Optimization
  • Users interact with and spend more time on your site
  • Successfully and clearly communicates your message to your users
  • Customer loyalty: if the customer has a good experience with your site, chances are they are more likely to stick with you. Over 80% of users are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience
  • Increases conversion
  • Helps to identify your audience and goals


We always talk about SEO, but what about SCO?

Shopping cart optimization (SCO) is an analysis and potential re-visioning done to your website in order to make sure your shopping cart checkout process is timely and stress-free. Making changes or updating your online shopping cart process helps avoids bounce rate and improves search engine optimization (SEO). The fewer barriers and distractions you have during your purchase, the better. Small mistakes such as not having a 'guest checkout' option or a checkout process bar, allows for your customers to often leave the site before completing the transaction. On the Google Analytics side, we see this as a 'bounce' or 'bounce rate' where a customer left your website and went to another website or back to a search engine. Another thing to keep in mind when optimizing this process is that some customers may also be turned away due to privacy and security purposes. This is important, especially with e-commerce, to allow customers to feel completely secure during online transactions.

Digital marketing or Internet marketing companies, such as Brandmint, can access and track your bounce rate through Google Analytics. We can find out exactly where, during the checkout process, you lost your customers and in-return, use this information as a guide on how to get them to the destination.

We have all of your answers

 Q & A

Q. Why do customers worry about giving their credit card information during checkout?

A. Credit card theft can be stolen during these three transactions:

1. Stolen from the user’s computer

2. Stolen in transit

3. Stolen at the merchant’s site


Q. There are many privacy seals available but which is the best option?

A. Your website can have multiple privacy seals but it’s important on e-commerce websites to have at least one privacy and one security seal. The best ways to protect information in transit in through security seals.

1. Encryption algorithms – Process of converting a plaintext message into ciphertext, which can be decoded, back into the original message.

2. Protect transaction information

3. SSL (Secure Socket Layering) Certificates also known as TLS (Transport Layer Security) Functions of SSL – Encrypts data and authenticates the site

You can compare which type of SSL is best for your website based on which type of products you sell and the overall goal you want to accomplish


Larger companies have a flawless shopping cart checkout process including all privacy and security seals. Take a look www.amazon.com and their website, for example...

As soon as you visit their webpage, you’ll notice that this secure website by the URL at the top of the page. This secure site will include an “s” in the URL for secure after the typical http:// Another way you’ll easily recognize security is by the URL turning green.

This is important to avoid this immediate barrier, especially when selling expensive items to customers that may be apprehensive to give credit card information for.


  • When you're ready to go through the shopping cart process, you’ll notice that based off of my location services; it’s already generated shipping location and cost. Since my location services are on, and I'm located in Rochester, NY, when viewing the total cost, the applicable shipping cost to my location will be generated.  This is another was to avoid any barriers due to an upfront cost that wouldn’t alarm customers before putting in credit card information.


  • Once you click on “Add to Cart” the next step would be to either sign in or create an account. Although this is routine, there should also be a “Checkout as Guest” option. This allows customers who are in a rush or even those who have an account and don’t remember their password a suitable option. Don’t worry; you’ll get all of their information regardless so this shouldn’t be a problem. 


  • Include a process checkout bar - This helps the customer get through each step, knowing exactly how many more steps need to be taken in-order to get to complete the transaction. We naturally love getting to the end of the finish line so this reduces bounce rate and reduces the likelihood of completing all of the steps except credit card information.
  • Offer incentives for the customer – giving a gift such as free shipping or overnight shipping is a great way for your customers to feel better about making the purchase and offer them a reason to come back or purchase another item. 

The examples listed are just a few of the countless ways Brandmint can help optimize and improve your online shopping cart process, along with overall user friendliness. Putting ourselves in your customers shoes is what Brandmint focuses on. Making improvements to ensure your customers have an effortless and timeless checkout process turns spectators into buyers.  


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New Location, Same Awesome Work!

Movin' on up...literally. The Brandmint team has moved to the 10th floor of the newly renovated Metropolitan (formerly known as the Chase Building) in downtown Rochester! Our new office is equipped with the necessities: Ping pong, a 2-player basketball game, and, most importantly, Kenny. Who is Kenny you ask? He is our kegerator filled with Genesee Beer. Support local! Our corner office allows everyone an amazing view of the City of Rochester. Come by and visit us anytime! You won't want to miss Thursday's after 4pm, better known as Thursday Throw-Down. At 4PM sharp we turn up the tunes from the early 90's and kick back and reflect on the killer week we all had. 

MINT Year in Review

WOW! What a year 2016 has been for Brandmint. In addition to our internal growth, we also hit 100 clients in November of this year! 


The Prince Elite Beach Hockey Classic was held July 9, 2016 at Charlotte Beach in Rochester, NY. This event was founded by Shane Prince and his father, Danny Prince, both of Prince Elite Hockey, in honor of Patrick Carr, A.K.A. “Lil’ Fighter,” who battled cancer for most of his life. This year the event raised just under $18,000 and was donated to Golisano Children’s Hospital. Louie Maier is on the Board of Directors for the Beach Hockey Classic, while Brandmint does all of the social media and helps with event management for the annual event. Take a look at the official after-movie!


The 2nd Annual Kringle Krawl was held December 3, 2016 in Rochester, NY. Every year, the board members of the Kringle Krawl choose which charity the proceeds will go to. This year it was decided that money would be raised for Camp Good Days and Special Times, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, adults, and families whose lives have been touched by cancer and other life challenges. Thanks to our generous community, we exceeded our goal and raised over $3,000 for this organization. Brandmint’s team was lucky enough to be able to play a role in this amazing event. Louie Maier is a member of the team that organizes this event yearly, while Bethany Patton, the Creative Director, was the brains behind the logo.


We can’t thank our clients enough for your business and, without you, Brandmint wouldn’t be where we are today! 

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

-The Brandmint Team