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what we do

Our unique process.


01 Planning & Coordination

Diving into and understanding your business through our unique on-boarding process. It does not stop here. We build out an extensive strategy for you. This is where coordination comes into play. Seeing the plan all the way through with content, implementation, and analysis.


02 Content Creation

Crafting all media with consistent fonts, colors, guidelines, mood, feel, and personality. It’s no secret that brand consistency leads to better top of mind awareness with your ideal consumer. Taking everything from planning and coordination to execute the design & copy.

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03 Implementation

Now it’s time to turn consumers to customers. We’re able to do this through website development and/or media planning. In detail, we build out campaigns using the content created, a targeted audience, and deliver the consistent message across all effective platforms.


04 analysis

We’re not afraid of the data. In fact, that’s what makes our campaigns so successful. Understanding ROAS and ROI is what we embody. We’re also not afraid to transition from the plan. If data shows us something different from what’s anticipated, we transition.


Who we are

Marketing wizards.

Born and bred in Rochester, NY. Eight years old.

We are a collaborative group wired to challenge the 'norm.’ At Brandmint, we are dedicated to planning, creating brand consistent content, streamlining brand messages, and implementing strategies based on real data and client needs.

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