NO! The proof is in the pudding. You'll be with us for longer than a year with no strings attached. We don't believe in holding the customer hostage like most agencies.

do you discount products?

No. We are very transparent with our pricing. We encourage you to shop around. No agency will match our deliverables for the monthly price.

Why are your prices so affordable?

Top secret partnerships. :) But we can tell you this.. We are a volume based digital marketing agency. Because we do high volume, our customers reap the benefits.

Does your company charge extra for the ad spend?

NO! We include the cost of the ads in our monthly cost to you. No hidden fees. This forces us to make sure that the dollars spent on ads stretch for the customer. Most agencies do the "set it and forget it" model where the customer is paying for the ad spend so the agency does not care about the performance of the ad because it doesn't come out of the agencies pocket. NOT BRANDMINT!




What products do you offer for A social media campaign?

  1. Post Campaign - A monthly image that campaigns through the news feed daily (30 days) to create brand awareness and exposure.
  2. Creative Ad Campaign - An image that has a call to action that campaigns through the news feed daily to drive users to take the next step. (Ex. Website Clicks, Purchase Now, Learn More)
  3. Instagram Interaction Campaign - On behalf of your brand's instagram page, we will set algorithms to interact with thousands of users each month to create touch points for top of mind exposure.

What do you have to do if you enroll your company in a social media campaign?

Nothing.. well pretty much. All we ask is for 15 minutes to on board you as a new client and then about 30 seconds of your time each month to approve the image that the Brandmint Creative Team designed.




why do i have to pay $59/Month for MY Website hosting & Maintenance?

Well, the reality is that you can go with another agency and pay +/- $25 a month for hosting only but when you are left holding the bag on a broken website that needs maintenance and they hold you hostage for $1000's you'll remember that you should've went to Brandmint because the $59 a month paid for itself 20x.

What if I need constant updates to my website?

We have you covered. For just $118 a month you get hosting, maintenance, AND a 30 minute block each month for website edits such as event updates, page updates, or image uploads.

More questions? Just ask